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Changing the way real estate investments are done.

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iOWNX was conceptualized to provide our users with a DeFi platform that enables a barrier-free entry to the world of Web3. We create products that make it easy for private and institutional investors to benefit from DeFi, DAOs, and the Web3 world, in general.

iOWNX can be used for digital asset trading and management through iOWN Wallet, which is a non-custodial crypto wallet. It supports BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon, with plans of adding more networks soon. The platform can also be used for staking to earn superior rewards. The NFT Marketplace that supports the tokenization of real estate properties is another product that can be used to buy and sell real estate-based NFTs.

The iOWNX team was formed by a group of visionaries who believe in the potential of technology to revolutionize the field of finance. Our diverse team consists of dreamers, leaders, innovators, creators, problem-solvers, risk-takers, planners, and socializers. But all of us believe in working hands-on.

Currently, the platform is available as an application that can be used on any mobile device. However, we will soon be adding a web version too.

iOWNX provides the following services:

  1. iOWNX Wallet
  2. Stake & Earn
  3. NFT Marketplace

iOWN Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet, that allows you to buy, sell, send, receive, or store your crypto assets. The wallet does NOT hold any assets. It merely lets users access their crypto.

To access digital assets on any wallet, a user needs to have private keys for it. Some wallets store a copy of the private keys. However, a non-custodial wallet ensures that ONLY YOU have complete control over your private keys.

In case you get logged out and forget your password, you can always use the password recovery option on the iOWN Wallet by tapping on ‘Forgot Password’. However, you need to ensure you have a copy of your seed phrase, which is your private key. The seed phrase is a set of 12 words that are generated on the user’s iOWN wallet, so only the user has access to it.

A seed phrase is a collection of 12 random words generated on your crypto wallet when setting it up. These cannot be recovered, which is why it is imperative to have a copy of there somewhere safe. We recommend copying them onto a piece of paper and storing this somewhere. This seed phrase is used to recover access to your account in case you get logged out or forget your password.

iOWN Wallet currently supports the following networks:

  1. BNB Smart Chain
  2. Ethereum
  3. Polygon

Following is the list of cryptocurrencies that are currently available to trade using the iOWN Wallet:

  1. iOWN Token
  2. USDT
  3. USDC
  4. BUSD
  5. BNB
  6. ETH
  7. MATIC
We have plans to add more networks to the wallet soon.

You can download iOWN Wallet using the QR codes below:

Each time you send crypto from your address to another, you incur a transaction fee which is the Network fee. It may differ based on the time of day and the number of transactions being carried out on a particular network.

Depending on the number of transactions being handled by the network at a time, your transaction may take more time as compared to others. However, you may choose to speed it up by using the ‘Faster’ option before you process a transaction.

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that enables various crypto wallets and DApps to form a connection. It is a safer way to connect to external DApps, as it establishes a remote and encrypted connection that can be used to perform any cross-platform actions in a secure way.

Staking is a way of earning rewards on your existing cryptocurrencies.

Without a centralized party, as is the case with blockchains, there needs to be a way for all network participants to come to a consensus regarding the authenticity of the transactions occurring on a network. To help achieve this, different networks follow different consensus mechanisms. The Proof-of-Stake is one such consensus mechanism that works by selecting validators in proportion to the quantity of their assets holdings in the associated cryptocurrency. It is a cleaner and more energy-efficient method as compared to Proof-of-Work.

When you lock up your crypto assets to participate in the validation of a network, you receive rewards in that cryptocurrency known as Staking Rewards.

Currently, we support staking for the following cryptocurrencies:

  1. iOWN Token

Yes. To start staking with us, you can either buy supported cryptocurrency through our wallet or transfer the cryptocurrency you already own to our platform from one of your wallets.

Please check the asset staking terms. The information regarding rewards is available on the page for each asset.

Though it is possible for anyone to start staking, there is a heavy cost associated with it, along with having the technical know-how.

Unstaking an asset depends on the staking terms of each asset. Please check the unstaking information on the page for each asset.

The locking of staked assets is variable. Some of the assets are flexible and can be unstaked anytime. But, others are fixed term and can only be unstaked, once the staking term is completed. Please check the staking terms for each asset for more information.

Tokenization in real estate refers to the process of fractionalizing real property into tokens stored on a blockchain. These tokens can exist in the form of NFTs, each coded with smart contracts to signify ownership.

Tokenizing real estate results in a more global buyer network, online property transfers, and flexible investment options. Moreover, blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries, excessive paperwork, and related costs.

Currently, we have deeds to signify the ownership of real estate property. So, whoever holds the deed is the owner of a property. Sometimes, property deeds are divided between two or more parties. But with blockchain, a single property can be owned by multiple entities. This is done by fractionalizing a property into as many fractions as a seller decides. These fractions are then deployed on a blockchain in the form of NFTs.

Yes. iOWNX NFTs are made by fractionalizing and converting actual real estate properties.

No, iOWNX is a decentralized marketplace to present real estate NFTs, and does not own any of the listed properties.

An Owner represents anyone who has ownership rights over a property, or a property management company that has legal rights to handle the deeds on behalf of the owner.

A Validator is an external agent responsible for checking the property's deed, land approvals, and building permits, ensuring property tax slips are paid in full, and if there are any legal disputes over the property. A Validator can be a real estate agent or a company.

A Buyer is anyone who wishes to invest in real estate NFTs. They can buy NFTs to gain digital ownership over a property from anywhere in the world.