iOWN Wallet

Your gateway to the world of digital assets

Buy, send, store, or swap multiple cryptocurrencies within the same non-custodial wallet.

Buy Tokens

Buy Crypto with Card

Buy crypto with your debit or credit card directly in the wallet


Download and open the iOWN wallet app.


Tap the crypto you wish to buy and select the ‘Buy’ option.


Select ‘Buy with Card’ from the available top-up options.


Enter the amount you wish to invest in USD.


The equivalent crypto amount will be displayed, along with the fee.


Complete our quick KYC process and enter your card details to complete the transaction.


Supported Networks

We currently support the networks below


Ethereum’s flexibility and scalability make it the network of choice for institutions. Its practical use cases make it potentially more powerful than Bitcoin.

Supported cryptos:

BNB Smart Chain

BSC is supported by the world’s largest crypto exchange making it a highly valuable network. It is also a faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum.

Supported cryptos:

Polygon (MATIC)

Built on top of Ethereum, Polygon is a scaling solution that improves the speed and reduces the price and complexity associated with transactions.

Supported cryptos:

Comming Networks

In the near future, we will be adding the following networks to our platform

Cardano (ADA)

Often called the more energy-efficient alternative to major blockchain networks, Cardano also has a unique Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism called Ouroboros which distributes network control across stake pools.

Polkadot (DOT)

The Polkadot network offers interconnectivity between various blockchain networks. Its main chain is executed over a relay chain which also maintains the network’s shared security, consensus, and interoperability.

Buy Tokens

iOWN Wallet

What can you do on the iOWN Wallet?


Buy multiple cryptocurrencies directly within the wallet at affordable rates. It is a simple and quick process with no hidden charges involved.


Send crypto to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Address Book feature lets you save addresses, so you can send funds to the correct address stress-free.


Receive crypto from anyone in a hassle-free way using our user-friendly interface. You can copy your wallet address and share it with the sender, or they can scan the QR code for your wallet address.


HODLing is the ultimate strategy for long-term investors. Store your crypto within the wallet and watch the value of your portfolio appreciate.


This functionality allows users to swap in and out between various cryptocurrencies in a fast and easy way. Check out the various swapping pairs within the wallet.


The Communications Protocol for Web3

A Secure Way to Access DApps, NFTs, and other Web3 applications

Unlock access to thousands of DeFi Apps, NFTs, and DAOs through WalletConnect.

Remember the Bifrost Bridge from Asgard that allows Thor and his friends to traverse various realms and planets in the Universe?

That is exactly what WalletConnect does. It is a bridge that allows users to securely connect and interact with a score of applications across the vast universe of Web3.


How it Works

Learn how to use WalletConnect with iOWN Wallet

On your PC, go to the app that you wish to connect with the iOWN wallet, ex. OpenSea. Alternatively, you can also copy the code listed below the QR code. If you are using the same mobile device for the wallet and the other app, please copy the code.

Search for the ‘WalletConnect’ option and open the link. A QR code will be displayed here.

Launch the iOWN wallet on your mobile device.

In the sidebar, tap on ‘WalletConnect’.

Then tap ‘Open Camera’ to scan the QR code from your preferred application, OpenSea in our example. You may need to provide suitable permissions to the app if you are using it for the first time.

Once the QR code is scanned, your wallet is connected to the app. You may also use the ‘WalletConnect Code’ field to paste the copied address from the app.

Check out our short tutorial for the process below:

iOWN Wallet

Connect iOWN Wallet to

You can connect and interact with a host of Web3 mobile and web applications, including:

DEXs like Uniswap, Pankcake Swap.

NFT Marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible.

Games like Sandbox.

DAOs like Aave, Lido Finance.

iOWN Wallet

Why you should use iOWN Wallet

iOWN wallet offers various benefits to its users:

Buy crypto anytime, anywhere

Crypto trading happens round the clock. So buy your crypto anytime, from anywhere.

Enhanced Security

Non-custodial wallet ensures that your private keys are generated in your device, thereby providing enhanced security.

Competitive Rates

Market-competitive rates to buy your favorite crypto coins and tokens. No hidden fees or last-minute surprises.


A secure way to connect and interact with various DApps.


Support for Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon. More networks to be added soon.

Supported Cryptocurrencies


Download iOWN Wallet

Also available on IOS
and Android

iOWN Wallet is a multi-chain, multi-purpose wallet, where users can send, receive, buy, store, and swap various cryptocurrencies like iOWN Tokens, USDT, USDC, ETH, BNB, among others.

The latest version of the iOWN Wallet is available for both - Android and iOS devices. Download it using the links below:

iOWN Wallet

How to download iOWN Wallet

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Go to the App Store or Google Play and type in “iOWN Wallet” and download.

- Apple Link:
- Android Link:

Tap Create a New Wallet. Enter your Full Name, followed by your Email Address and Phone Number. Complete the ‘Captcha’.

Enter a Password. Please ensure that your password contains a minimum of 8 characters out of which:
- At least 1 character is UPPERCASE
- At least 1 character is lowercase
- At least 1 character is a number
- At least 1 character is a special character from these { } . ! @ #

Re-enter your password in the Confirm Password field.

It is important to make sure you write the 12 words from your Secret Phrase on a piece of paper and secure it somewhere safe. This step allows you to recover your account if needed. Remember that losing it can cause the loss of all your funds.

*After copying down the 12 words, please type in the required words into the blank fields.

You have now successfully created your ‘Wallet’. Your unique iOWN Address is found under the QR Code. You can now view your crypto balances along with all your transaction history.

Check out our short tutorial for the process below: