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Did you know the current size of the real estate market stands at $9.6 trillion? Why should the investment opportunities be only limited to professional investors or High Net Worth Individuals?
At iOWNX Property, we believe that everybody deserves a share. Our crowdfunding platform lets first-time or experienced investors invest in smartly hand-picked properties across the UAE.
We are changing the face of real estate investments.


The Benefits for Investors & Sellers

Real estate crowdfunding is an opportunity to optimize your income by investing in the burgeoning space of UAE's real estate. Whether you are an investor or a seller, iOWNX Property will help you secure competitive returns on your real estate investments.

Grow your wealth through real estate with iOWNX Property

Low Entry Point

Begin your real estate journey with a small investment.

Stable Income

Earn steady income through dividend payments from rental payouts.


Diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple properties.

Widen Horizon

Spread investment across different real estate types residential and commercial, countries, etc.

How real estate crowdfunding benefits sellers.

Access to funds

Avail finances through community and business partners.

Shorter Wait

Faster way to raise money over traditional banks or financial institutions.

Minimize Costs

Reduced financial costs like lower fees and interest rates.

Plan Big

Raise funds for buying your next premium property instead of settling on a mid-sized one.

Why real estate crowdfunding is a superior investment today

Buying properties is considered out of bounds by most individuals across the globe as it involves spending a huge amount of money on a single investment. Whereas, real estate crowdfunding gives equal opportunities to all - experienced or new investors.

Invest Now

Gain more returns for your real estate with iOWNX Property

With the increasing inflation, buying an apartment is expensive. Share a part of your property and invite co-owners, who will invest in your property. Real estate crowdfunding allows you to access finances faster than traditional financial institutions.

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