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Our staking interface lets you earn passive income to validate blockchain transactions just with a few clicks

Looking for a crypto Wallet?

iOWN wallet – The one-stop wallet for all top coins and tokens

A safe and simple crypto wallet to buy, trade, and connect within the DeFi world.
You can access various services like:

Buy with card in a minute

Send using Address Book

Store on different chains

Swap between your preferred crypto pairs

iOWN NFT Marketplace

NFTs Beyond Art

Quite a few projects talked about tokenizing real estate assets, but a very few actually delivered on this premise. Gain access to our real estate NFT Marketplace where you can own a digital representation of your preferred real estate in the form of an NFT.
iOWN NFTs allow you to get periodical returns for as long as you hold the NFT.

You can also sell it on our NFT Marketplace.

iOWN Token

Fuels the iOWNX Ecosystem

iOWN Token is the native token of the iOWNX ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 token built on the BNB Smart Chain. Apart from being a store of value, it has utility. It will be used to buy real estate NFTs and for staking to earn passive income.

It is a multi-utility token that goes beyond being a store of value, and will be utilized in various services within the iOWNX platform.

Audited by Certik

Latoken, Coinsbit, iOWN Wallet

BNB Chain

Multi-utility token


iOWN Price


Marcket Cap



Maximum Supply

Download iOWN Wallet

Also available on IOS
and Android

iOWN Wallet is a multi-chain, multi-purpose wallet, where users can send, receive, buy, store, and swap various cryptocurrencies like iOWN Tokens, USDT, USDC, ETH, BNB, among others.

The latest version of the iOWN Wallet is available for both - Android and iOS devices. Download it using the links below:

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