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What is the iOWNX Real Estate Marketplace

The iOWNX Real Estate Marketplace is a blockchain-based platform to buy and sell real estate NFTs. It consists of three users – Owners, Validators, and Buyers.

1. The first user is the Owner. This may be the owner of a property or a property management company that takes care of a property on the owner’s behalf. They can choose to tokenize their property into a single or multiple NFTs.

2. Validators are real estate or property management companies that hold licenses for mortgage services. They are responsible for ensuring that the properties are genuine, and all the documentation related to the property is legit.

3. Then, we have the Buyers. They are those who wish to invest in real estate. Buyers may buy the entirety of an NFT collection to gain exclusive rights to a property. On the other hand, they may also opt to buy NFTs from different collections to hold partial ownership over several properties.

Transactions take place between buyers and owners which allows for the transfer of digital ownership from one entity to another.

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Changing the way real estate investments are done.

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If you own a real estate property and would like to tokenize it into NFTs

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