Make profits through Staking

Put your crypto assets to work and collect rewards.

Crypto staking is a passive income generation strategy. Staking involves dedicating your crypto assets to a blockchain network to support its operations and verify transactions.

HODLers tend to make the most profit from their assets over the long term. But staking your crypto assets instead of letting them lie idle in your wallet is a more profitable strategy.

Calculate your Staking Rewards

Know how much you can earn using our Staking Calculator. 

iOWN token
iOWN token
iOWN ROI~10%
matic token
Your holdings
Daily Profit
134.41 ATOM
Monthly Profit
4166.67 ATOM
Yearly Profit
50000.00 ATOM
Yearly yield

How Staking Works

Our staking interface lets you earn passive income to validate blockchain transactions just with a few clicks

Ensure you have the minimum required crypto on your iOWN Wallet. If you need to buy crypto, you may deposit crypto to the wallet or buy through credit card.

On the iOWN wallet app, click on ’Stake now’. Click ‘Next’ to move to the staking confirmation page.

On the staking page, you may select the amount that you would like to stake.

After this, you need to read and approve the ’Terms and Conditions’ of the program by checking the box. Once done, you may click on ’Stake Now’.

You would then be redirected to the ’Staking Completed’ page which confirms the amount staked, duration, and expected ROI.

The following pages provide you with a live dashboard that gives you an overview of your progress along with options to stake more and an option to un-stake your tokens.

Crypto assets

Why you should Stake on iOWNX

Staking on iOWNX offers various benefits to its users:

Get rewards for staking

Stake without Technical Knowledge

The technical work is handled by our team, and you get rewards for using the interface.

Best returns on staking

Superior Rewards

iOWNX offers superior ROI as compared to market-leading platforms.

Long term crypto investment

Long-term investment strategy

Benefit from growth in your initial investment over a long period.

What you can Stake

We currently support the following crypto assets

Stake iown token


Staking iOWN Tokens offers access to exclusive rewards within iOWNX, including periodic token rewards, NFTs, and governance rights.

Polygon staking


The newest network on our platform is also available for staking. Earn rewards in MATIC for validating transactions on the Polygon network.

Cardano staking


Stake your ADA coins and earn passive income during each epoch while supporting the security and decentralization of the Cardano network.

Upcoming Staking asset

In the near future, we will be adding the following asset to our platform

Polkadot staking


Polkadot is the brainchild of Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood who wanted a more efficient and cost-effective platform. Soon, you will be able to stake DOT on our platform.